To enhance your recreational activity, we have bowling in our club. It is a target sport where player rolls the ball toward pins or another target. Fun game which can be played with family and friends together.

Bowling is a sport! It requires a combination of lifting, bending, and extending. Each time you bowl, you utilize your arms, shoulders, wrists, and legs to propel the ball down the lane. The more you bowl, the more muscle strength you’ll build. This is especially true if you increase the weight of your ball as you continue to bowl.

You can bet that the more you bowl, the more flexible you’ll become. Bowling requires an extensive range of motion. Not only are you lunging and twisting regularly, but you also have to stabilize your muscles in order to balance as you approach the lane. The more you practice, the more stability and flexibility you’ll develop.

Increases muscle strength
Improves body flexibility
Increases cardiovascular health
Low-Impact Exercise
Stress Relief.
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