Indoor Shuttle

Indoor shuttle offers a whole host of benefits ranging from increasing life expectancy and mobility to promoting heart health and exercise for all ages and abilities.

Taking part in any form of regular physical activity helps to release our natural feel good happy hormones, endorphins. In turn, this can help reduce depression, anxiety and stress and improve our overall mood and sleep. Talking to other players and rallying in singles or doubles means that badminton is a social sport. This can be particularly beneficial in combating loneliness among older players.

Badminton can reduce the risks of developing type two diabetes as an adult. It reduces the production of sugar in the liver, which in turn reduces the body’s fasting blood sugar.

Whereas for children and young adults, chasing the shuttlecock and moving around the court at a fast pace can aid in developing bone mass and density. This lessens the likelihood of osteoporosis in the future.

Reduces health risks
Ensures body function
It is a total body workout
Improves mobility
Increases life expectancy
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